Sunday 9
09.00h. to 19.00h. Inscriptions/ Accreditacion
18.30h. Welcome breafing.

Monday 10
09.00h. to 19.00h. Inscriptions/ Accreditacion
18.30h. to 20.30h. training workshops – knots
19.00h. Conference: Balearic canyons environment.
20.00h. Projection: Inside the Dream World NZ 2013

Tuesday 11
15.00h. to 17.00h. Visit manufactures Bestard Boots
15.00h. to 17.30h. training workshops – self rescue
15.00h. to 18.00h. Workshop: International Canyoning Association
18.30h. Commemorative photo group
19.00h. Projection RIC 2013 Madeira
20.00h. Presentation RIC 2015 – USA
21.00h. Welcome dinner

Wednesday 12
18.30h. to 20.30h. training workshops – self rescue
– Workshop self rescue (1)
20.00h. Projection: Gocta 2012 (Peru)

Thursday 13
15.30h. to 18.30h. training workshops – progression in the canyong
– Workshop self rescue (2)
18.00h. to 19.30h. Projection: photo and video contest
20.00h. Projection: Runchet Khola “Las entrañas del gigante”

Friday 14 – open day
Sa Fosca special anniversary “50 years”
17.00h. Descenders exhibition
18.00h. Projection: Sa Fosca documentary 1986
19.00h. discovery of the canyong Sa Fosca 1964
20.00h. Projection.

Saturday 15
16.00h. Projection: photo and videos
17.30h. Leyendas de pasión (Edu gomez)
18.00h. Summary and conclusions of the meeting.
19.00h. Projection: Balearik Team
20.00h. Projection: “Reunión 2013: An adventure by NKO”
21.00h. Commemorative Dinner + Draw technical material + Party